New York Jazz

In Harlem, precursors of jazz music developed at the same time as New Orleans jazz started. The center for jazz development then moved to New York after New Orleans musicians moved from New Orleans to Chicago and then to New York. The most prominent of these musicians was Duke Ellington, who brought a generation of young jazz musicians with him to New York City.

New York has multiple annual jazz festivals, such as the Blue Note Jazz Festival in the Radio City Music Hall, which lasts for one month. Other festivals include the Vision Festival in Brooklyn and the Essentially Ellington Festival. Jazz nightclubs in the city include the Jazz Standard and the Iridium.

“Blue Skies” – Ella Fitzgerald (“Popular” jazz)

“Take the ‘A’ Train” – Duke Ellington (standard jazz)

“Sing Sing Sing” – Benny Goodman (Swing)


New York Jazz Notes

  • Miles Davis, a New Yorker, was considered one of the foremost musicians and composers of the 20th century. He was also a major innovator in the field of “cool jazz.”
  • With Duke Ellington’s move to New York, the major center for jazz development moved from Chicago to NYC. Many jazz musicians followed Ellington to New York City.
  • New York’s big jazz bands, unique among jazz groups of the time, eventually created swing music from jazz. These bands also contained notables such as Ella Fitzgerald and Benny Goodman.
  • Bebop music also was made in New York City, being a derivative of swing music, which was in turn a derivative of standard jazz music. Bebop reached its peak in the 1940s.
  • New York City musicians also fused jazz with ragtime. This combination invented swing music.
  • John Coltrane and Ornette Coleman brought the relatively new style of “free jazz” to New York by moving there. 






Rap Rhymes Analysis

Song: “When I’m Gone” clean version – Eminem


Have you ever loved someone so much
You’d give an arm for
Not the expression
No, literally give an arm for
When they know they’re your heart
And you know you were their armor
And you will destroy anyone who would try to harm her
But what happens when karma
Turns right around to bite you
And everything you stand for turns on you despite you


  • Few internal rhymes
    • “you” and “you” is the only obvious internal rhyme
  • Many end rhymes
    • Ex. “arm for” and “armor”, “you” and “you”, “harm her” and “armor”.

Meaning of Lyrics:

Eminem is expressing his emotions at a situation where he loves and is protective of a certain woman/girl but then,  everything he believes in turns against him. In his actual life, the woman/girl referred to in the song actually refers to both his divorced wife and his daughter.


Rap Project Lyrics (Draft)

1. We are the Popsicles
The brave and the bold
The dictators of the century
Ya don’t wanna [want to] be our enemy
You’re not even a part of reality
Just a mere figment of memory
2. “Cause this is our reign
 Its Our time to shine
We send chills straight to the spine
3. We will make your lives miserable
You are despicable
We are invincible
4. You are the peasant and we are the kings
It ain’t over until the fat lady sings
We comin’ up from the rear view
5. You better watch what you spew
That intoxicated nonsense
 Cut off from reality
Drowning yourself in insanity
6.We’re comin’ in for the comeback
It’ll happen so fast
You’ll be blaming it on the “lag”
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Hip-Hop Vocab

New School Hip-Hop – movement in hip-hop starting in the 1980s that originated in New York City. It is somewhat encompassed by Golden Age Hip-Hop

Golden Age Hip-Hop – so-called “mainstream” hip-hop during the late 1980s and 1990s. It was identified by its diversity, innovation, and influence on other 

East Coast Hip-Hop – regional type of hip-hop that originated in New York City. It emphasizes complex wordplay, rhymes, etc.

West Coast Hip-hop – general type of hip-hop that encompasses any artists/hip-hop music originating in the Western part of the USA.

International influence of hip-hop:

Hip-hop has been used as a system of sociopolitical activism. For example, South Africa’s anti-apartheid movement used politically themed hip-hop as a tool. Various artists have incorporated hip-hop elements into their traditional or cultural music.