Rap Project Lyrics (Draft)

1. We are the Popsicles
The brave and the bold
The dictators of the century
Ya don’t wanna [want to] be our enemy
You’re not even a part of reality
Just a mere figment of memory
2. “Cause this is our reign
 Its Our time to shine
We send chills straight to the spine
3. We will make your lives miserable
You are despicable
We are invincible
4. You are the peasant and we are the kings
It ain’t over until the fat lady sings
We comin’ up from the rear view
5. You better watch what you spew
That intoxicated nonsense
 Cut off from reality
Drowning yourself in insanity
6.We’re comin’ in for the comeback
It’ll happen so fast
You’ll be blaming it on the “lag”
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Rap Project Beat



Hip-Hop Vocab

New School Hip-Hop – movement in hip-hop starting in the 1980s that originated in New York City. It is somewhat encompassed by Golden Age Hip-Hop

Golden Age Hip-Hop – so-called “mainstream” hip-hop during the late 1980s and 1990s. It was identified by its diversity, innovation, and influence on other 

East Coast Hip-Hop – regional type of hip-hop that originated in New York City. It emphasizes complex wordplay, rhymes, etc.

West Coast Hip-hop – general type of hip-hop that encompasses any artists/hip-hop music originating in the Western part of the USA.

International influence of hip-hop:

Hip-hop has been used as a system of sociopolitical activism. For example, South Africa’s anti-apartheid movement used politically themed hip-hop as a tool. Various artists have incorporated hip-hop elements into their traditional or cultural music.


King of Pop (Final)

Justin Bieber was born 1994 in Ontario, Canada. Starting his career by recording songs and posting them to YouTube, he was discovered and later signed by Usher. After being signed, his first single  (One Time)reached #12 on the Canadian Hot 100 charts. So far, he has released three albums, all of which debuted in the top 10 on the U.S. album charts (#6, #1, and #2 respectively). His music has especially appealed to teenagers. Recently, he declared himself the new “king of pop” – the successor of the late singer Michael Jackson.




All That Matters:

Change Me:

Bad Day:


King of Pop – Preliminary Notes

Artist: Justin Bieber


  • Born 1994 in Ontario
  • Signed by Usher in 2008, learned dancing from him
  • First single reached #12 on Canadian Hot 100
  • 2010- Baby released – #1 at release, stayed on charts for 317 weeks
  • Most searched for celebrity on the Internet
  • Songs relatable to teens
  • Released 3 albums
  • Public image was somewhat negative before puberty/voice change
  • Criticized for sounding young
  • Baby is #2 most viewed video on YouTube, only passed by Gangnam Style
  • He also holds #27 most viewed video, Never Say Never
  • Philanthropy – organizations to build schools in third-world countries
  • Endorsed PETA
  • Named top trending star in 2010
  • labeled as a “teen heartthrob
  • Under the Mistletoe debuted at #1 at Billboard 200
  • 86 musical awards in 3 years
  • Album “Believe” went platinum in the U.S.
  • Film “Never Say Never” passed domestic revenue of Michael Jackson’s posthumous documentary “This is It”
  • link: http://www.andpop.com/2014/03/01/justin-biebers-20-acts-of-kindness/


Pop vs. Rock


1. Rock has different themes.

2. Pop is slower.

3. Pop has more vocals.

4. Pop uses different instruments.

5. Pop emphasizes solo vocals more than instruments.


Comparison: Justin Timberlake vs. Green Day

Songs: Mirrors, Boulevard of Broken Dreams, 21 Guns, Drink You Away.

Our hypotheses’ truthfulness was sharply divided. Hypotheses 1 and 5 were the only true hypotheses – Justin Timberlake was clearly more prominent than any other people he was performing with, for instance, while Green Day, though having a singer, did not emphasize the vocals in relation to the instrumentals (Hypothesis 5). For Hypothesis 1, the Green Day songs we listened to all were somewhat negative in comparison to those of Timberlake. However, all of the other hypotheses proved to be false. Timberlake did not actually prove to have more vocals than Green Day, though his singing was more prominent (Hypotheses 3/5). Also, both artists’ music was at about the same tempo – there was no discernible difference in speed(Hypothesis 2). Lastly, both parties used electric guitars, a bass, and similar drum sets in their performances (Hypothesis 4).


Boulevard of Broken Dreams

21 Guns

Drink You Away


My Favorite Rock Artist/Band (Final)

Arctic Monkeys

Above: The members of Arctic Monkeys as of 2013.



2002- Arctic Monkeys, an indie rock band,  form in Sheffield.

2003- First gig in the Sheffield City Center.

2005- First single released – “Five Minutes with Arctic Monkeys”.

2005 – Signed to Domino Records.

2005- First two singles with Domino Records released – “When the Sun Goes Down” and “I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor”.

2005- First album released – “Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not”.

2006- Bassist Andy Nicholson leaves the band.

2007 – Second album released – “Favorite Worst Nightmare”. It reached #1 on the UK album charts.

2008- Third album released – “Humbug”. Like both of its predecessors, it went to #1 on the UK album charts.

2011- Fourth album released – “Suck It and See”. With this album, Arctic Monkeys became the second band to debut four #1 albums in a row.

2013- Fifth and latest album released – “AM”. Notably, this album received a mixed reaction due to its inclusion of hip-hop styles.


Arctic Monkeys has drawn influences from a variety of areas. The band notes John Lennon as their foremost influence. Critics also identify various 1960s rock bands as having an effect on Arctic Monkey’s music. Other influences include the Libertines, the Beastie Boys, the Smiths, and Blur. The Arctic Monkeys, being a relatively recent band, have not influenced any notable musicians as of yet. However, as they stay on the scene for a longer period of time, other groups will eventually draw influence from them.


The song “Fake Tales of San Francisco” was chosen to represent the group because it was the song that propelled them to success in the United States. The band’s derision of the fictional Yorkshire band in the song is ironic in that the details of both bands share some similarities.



1. What was the Arctic Monkeys’ first album?

2. What type of rock band are they?

3. When was their first gig?